As the largest UK based trade manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of gaming chairs we are probably best placed to assess market trends and performance.

The gaming chair market place is a niche but growing market place – this reflects the continued and growing popularity of gaming itself. Gaming is now mainstream – the budgets for some of the top selling games are now larger than Hollywood Blockbuster Movies; gaming is now a stadium filling spectator sport with professional gamers playing for massive prize money, etc.


It is a fact that over 80% of the U.K. Retail market of gaming chairs is accounted for by the two largest gaming chairs retailers – these being Argos and

Argos can boast a large national network of shops which allows for the popular “click and collect” option. are exclusively an online retailer which as a gaming chair specialist offers the largest choice of gaming chairs at the cheapest prices and a after sales technical support service which includes the ability to purchase spares.


In our opinion the best performing gaming chair brand in the UK in 2015 is BraZen.

The facts are that based upon our records BraZen Gaming chairs have proven to have the highest level of customer satisfaction of any gaming chair brand based upon the statistics we have for gaming chair returns.

It would appear that BraZen can boast that they have the best quality control of any of the gaming chair manufacturers. It is also noticeable that BraZen appear to be very innovative in new product development – they make bold promises that this will continue in 2016. Time will tell – but 2015 was certainly kind to them.

2015 was less kind to Gioteck who had massive problems with quality control which lead to trading issues with many retailers eg Argos and Smyth Toys as well as ourselves. In our opinion the Gioteck gaming chair products suffer from poor product design (eg the Gioteck RC1, a gamebag is too small; the Gioteck RC5, a pedestal gaming chair is very poorly made and suffers the highest fault rate of any gaming chair we have ever sold, etc.

It is noticeable that there have in 2015 been many changes in senior management at Gioteck and it would appear that Gioteck maybe in some form effectively reinventing itself with at least one common senior member of staff as the “Priferential” brand of gaming chair. Time will tell if these people have learnt lessons of the past –  it is interesting though that the Priferential Speedster Gaming Chair is being marketed to the trade as a chair with a RRP of £179.95 but already being marketed via a retail outlet before launch at just over £140 delivered. Discounted before launch doesn’t bode well but time will tell!


May we take this opportunity to wish everyone connected to Interactive Minds Limited a very healthy and prosperous 2016!