Gaming Chair Review 2015 : BEST GAMING CHAIRS FOR CHRISTMAS 2015

Interactive Minds Limited are the largest wholesaler, distributor and trade seller of gaming chairs in the UK and Europe.

We are in a very unique position in the gaming chair or sound chair market place in that we have a pretty comprehensive understanding of all the gaming chairs currently available in the market place together with a good understanding of the major retailers and manufacturers. The comments set out below are our opinions based on our dealings in this market place – we strongly recommend that you do a thorough research of any other feedback – needs to be current, this is a fast moving market place – and then make your own opinion.

The definition of what comprises the best gaming chair for Christmas 2015 is a subjective one. Each individual purchaser will have a slightly different buying profile criteria for deciding what is the best gaming chair for them – different people will rank differently the importance of price, technical performance, after sales service ( availability of technical support and spare parts) and product reliability.


In our opinion based upon the overall package of price, reliability, technical specification and after sales service – we would rank the gaming chair manufacturers / gaming chair brands as follows:

1. BraZen Gaming Chairs – this UK based manufacturer with some justification boasts of being “By Design Best in Class” – BraZen is a relatively new player in the gaming chair sector when compared to the likes of the American based X-Rocker? In our opinion this is largely a fair statement. The BraZen Gaming Chairs are generally best priced when compared to similar specified chairs, the chairs have proven to be the most reliable of any gaming chair on the market over the last twelve months and the after sales service offered in our experience is first class. Don’t rely on our opinion take a look at recent gaming chair feedback on independent review websites such as BraZen Gaming Chairs win hands down. An important indicator of performance is the fact that the limited range of BraZen Gaming Chairs are sold by major retailers in this market place such as Argos,, Game and Shops Direct – they don’t buy if they are not happy hence Gioteck Gaming Chairs and Xenta Gaming Chairs are mainly available only on the likes of Amazon and EBay.

2. X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chairs – the most expensive gaming chairs for a reason – this UK designed chair range usually has the highest technical specification and best quality parts of all the gaming chair brands we list. An independent review of gaming chairs by the highly respected T3 Magazine concluded that the X-Dream Rocker was the best gaming chair on the market. Sold by the two main gaming chair retailers in the UK – Argos and

3. X-Rocker Gaming Chairs – produced in China for an American company called Ace Bayou. X-Rocker is the oldest brand in the market. Their biggest customer is Argos who tend to specialise in selling the lower technical specified gaming chairs ( eg smaller size, occasions have happened where “rumble feedback” is claimed when a chair has only a subwoofer and not separate vibration motors, etc. competitively priced and generally good quality chair. Their second biggest customer is who tend to sell the better specified gaming chairs ie bigger in size, wireless, Bluetooth, arms, vibration motors and subwoofers, etc.

4. Playseat Racing Simulators – this is a Dutch based operation who do produce a range of superbly designed and engineered specialist range of chairs focussed on one niche part of the gaming chair market – racing and flight simulators. After sales service is sound. The main downside with Playseat is that their product is relatively expensive. Sold by the likes of Amazon and

5. Gioteck Gaming Chairs – this is another USA based business which made a very mixed entry into the gaming chair market place over the last couple of years despite having some interesting product. Suffered very badly in 2014 with production issues which meant it has been dropped by a number of major retailers in 2015. Dropped completely from the Argos range and one model only currently sold by