Interactive Minds Limited as the largest stockist, distributor, wholesaler and trade reseller of the largest range of gaming chairs in the UK and Europe are biased about what we consider to be the best gaming chairs currently available. The reason being that we have already as bulk buyers of gaming chairs have effectively had to go through the process any individual buyer has to go through.

The facts now are that gaming is now a mainstream activity. In 2015 it is estimated that the worldwide gaming market spend will amount to something in the region of £150 billion. The sector has gravitated from being purely the preserve of nerdy hobbyists to now including competitive professionals. The worlds top gamers are now feted like rock stars. They earn massive sums of money and perform in front of massive audiences in stadiums. This trend is forecast to continue to grow at pace between now and 2020 at least.

It is also interesting to note that the age demographics of gamers is broadly split 1/3rd under 18 years of age, 1/3rd 18 to 35 years of age and 1/3rd 36 years of age and above. 

These gamers all need furniture on which to enjoy their games. That’s where we with gaming chairs come in!


In our opinion the first decision to make is how much are you prepared to spend on a gaming chair – what is your budget.

As in most markets the fact is that the more you spend then the more comfort, style and gadgetry you will generally get.


Each individual will have a different approach to comfort and style. Different people rate brand more highly than others. Others will rate comfort over brand. Others will be more concerned to ensure the style of the chair is right – maybe want the chair to colour co-ordinate with the curtains!

In our opinion the top three best brands of gaming chairs based on value for money, after sales service and reliability are:

1  BraZen
2  X-Dream Rocker
3. X-Rocker


By functionality we are effectively referring both to the actual design of the chair and the technology which is incorporated into any particular chair.

3.1 Type of chair: 

By type of chair we mean do you choose a: 

3.1.1 Gamebag

In our opinion the top three game bags are:

1. X-Rocker Senior 2.0 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair


2. X-Rocker Deluxe Giant 2.0 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair

X-Rocker Giant Deluxe 2.0 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair - Red/Black

3. Gioteck RC1 Gamebag Gaming Chair


3.1.2 Floor Rockers

In our opinion the top three floor rockers are: 

1. BraZen Cobra Fully Wireless 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair


2. BraZen Storm Gaming Chair


3. X-Rocker Ghost 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair



3.1.3 Pedestal

In our opinion the top three pedestal gaming chairs are:

1. BraZen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair/ X-Dream Rocker Ultra Bluetooth 4.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair


BraZen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming ChairX-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair

2. BraZen Spirit Bluetooth 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair

BraZen Spirit 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

3. X-Rocker Vision Pro Wireless 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair

X-Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

3.1.4 PC / Office Style Gaming Chair

In our opinion there is currently one one such chair on sale in the UK. This is the X-Dream Emperor Bluetooth 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair.


3.1.5 Recliner 

In our opinion there is only one serious contender in the recliner category and that is the X-Rocker Bluetooth 4.1 Surround Sound Recliner Gaming Chair.


3.2 Connectivity

The buyer of the gaming chair needs to decide what options you wish to have when connecting your gaming chair to your chosen audio device. The choices are hard wired, Bluetooth and wireless.

It is interesting to note that all of the gaming chairs with speakers will be sold with speakers that will facilitate the hard wired connection of your gaming chair to the audio output of a television or the like.

It is possible simply by purchasing the BraZen Universal Audio Wireless Kit to convert a gaming chair of any brand into a wireless gaming chair.