Mp3 / iPod ‘MoonFlex’ Travel Sound Pillow

  • The iPod/MP3 Moonflex flexible neck & head support travel pillow with built in speaker.

    Flex It! Turn It! Mould It! Chillout with it! This is the travel pillow of all travel pillows!


    The iPod/MP3 ‘Moonflex’ travel pillow is the most comfortable pillow you will ever use. The pillow can be bent into any shape or position and the unique articulating linkage provides support and comfort. Plug in your music with the built in speaker. For use when travelling, relaxing, work or sleep!



    • Connects to MP3 players, CD players, iPhones, iPods and radios.
    • Built in speaker, no more headphones
    • Great for plane or car journeys
    • Mould it to get snug while watching TV
    • Flex it to provide back and neck support
    • Bend it to comfort aching shoulders
    • Use it in bed as a leg pillow or back support
    • Use it on your lap when working on your laptop
    • Useful in pregnancy
    • Suitable for all ages.
  • Mp3 / iPod 'MoonFlex' Travel Sound Pillow

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