It is recognised that gaming chairs, or sound chairs as we prefer to call them, are not for everyone. However, there is a sizeable and growing market for people of all ages wanting to invest in functional furniture!

Whether your pleasure is playing games, watching movies or listening to music or most commonly a combination of these then a piece of furniture with functionality which may include speakers, sub woofer, vibration motors and wireless connectivity may be just what you need to enhance your leisure activity.

A first look at the gaming chair market can be very confusing – a multitude of different models, brands and retailers.

In an attempt to help you with set out below something’s you may wish to consider before making your purchase.


The main brands of gaming chair currently on sale in the UK are X-Rocker, X-Dream, BraZen and Gioteck.

In terms of budget the models broadly rank, highest price to lowest price, in the following order – X-Dream, X-Rocker, Gioteck and BraZen.

From our experience of selling thousands of chairs we can confirm that in terms of performance reliability as measured by numbers of returns for faulty or unwanted chairs then it is a surprising fact that currently BRAZEN GAMING CHAIRS THAT GIVE BEST PERFORMANCE even though they are generally also the cheapest.

It is also interesting to note that if you look at the main gaming chair brands in terms of value for money then it is interesting to note that BRAZEN GAMING CHAIRS APPEAR TO BE MOST COMPETITIVELY PRICED.

It is well recognised in the industry that X-Rocker is the longest established and relatively high priced brand which has a good record on product performance. The X-Dream Range are the premium branded and quality chair for the discerning customer.  Gioteck has experienced some very problematic supply and product quality issues. The worst of these being their pedestal chair, Gioteck RC5, which based on our records has a failure rate of almost twice that of any comparable product.


The best recommendation we can give you when selecting your specific gaming chair model is to first decide on exactly what functionality you want.

Do you want a beanbag, a floor rocker, a pedestal or recliner?

Do you want surround sound – if so, two speakers or a higher performing four speakers?

Do you want your chair to have a subwoofer to enhance quality of sound?

Do you want your gaming chair to be hard wired to your audio source or be wirelessly connected (choice of wireless or BLUETOOTH) or combination of all?

Do you have specific requirements with regards to the upholstery – be it colour, padded adjustable arms, etc?

Once you have decided on the features you require from your chair then you can identify the individual models that meet your needs.

Our next suggestion would be then to look at customer and industry reviews. Another good indicator of the likely quality of a gaming chair is how many retailers have chosen to sell a particular model. From our research it would appear that the most common chairs are the X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1, X-Rocker Vision, the BraZen Cobra and BraZen Stag – these can be found being sold by the likes of Argos, Game, Littlewoods, Amazon, , etc.

A further indication of the quality of the chair is implicit or explicit endorsement from recognised credible media sources. For example, the highly respected T3 Magazine has previously reviewed and praised the performance of the X-Dream Rocker Ultra and Channel Five’s The Gadget Show has very recently showcased both the BraZen Stag and BraZen Spirit chairs.


We recognise that the major factor in deciding which retailer will be price. Other factors which should be considered are the availability of after sales technical support and availability of spares and accessories. The only retailer we can see that offers all these is