X-Dream Rocker Ultra 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair


  • In our opinion this is the best gaming/music/movie chair available on the market today! Don’t take our word for it.

    The very highly rated X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair has now got even better with the newly launched higher spec’d Bluetooth X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair. Check out the independent reviews.

    Avoid the cheap immitations! T3 Magazine and Website gave the X-Dream Rocker a massive vote of approval.

    Quotes from the reviews include the following:

    “X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair offers premium comfort and unbeatable gaming experience”

    “As you’d expect with a gaming chair of this calibre, the included features are nothing short of superb”

    “We recommend you invest in two pieces to enjoy multi-player gameplays………. it will leave a gaping hole in your wallet, and then some. But trust us when we say it’s worth it.”


    The X-Dream Ultra Gaming Chair provides pure quality in alround performance – by design it guarantees seated comfort and comprehensive multimedia surround sound experience.

    The chair comes with a superb quality Bluetooth 2.1 surround sound system.

    The chair incorporates a subwoofer and vibration motor so that you can truly immerse yourself in your chosen entertainment.

    The chair is compatible either directly or indirectly with almost any device with a universal audio output jack.

    This includes all major games consoles, tv’s, smart phones and MP3 players.

    The chairs control panel allows you to independently control the level of volume, base and vibration you wish to experience.

    The chair has black padded flip arms disigned for maximum comfort and flexibilty.

    The chairs are capable of being “chain” linked for that genuine theatre like experience.


    • An advanced gaming and multimedia chair with a swivel base, black and grey breathable fabric cover, padded flip arms, 2.1 Bluetooth audio, subwoofer vibration and supplemental rumble
    • 2 high quality surround sound speakers
    • ‘Rumble’ Subwoofer for bass/vibration feedback
    • Bluetooth – the chair will connect to any device that has an appropriate bluetooth transmitter (eg smart phone, tablet, etc). You will need to connect to games consoles by hard wiring to the tv/monitor or by having a tv/monitor with bluetooth capability (it is possible to separately buy a  bluetooth transmitter that connects to the audio output of most tvs).
    • Stand with adjustable reclining function
    • Lockable swivel mechanism
    • Separately controlled volume and vibration
    • Comfortable and durable padded headrest
    • Padded Upholstered Flip up arms for flexibility of movement
    • Audio input jack (1/8” headphone jack)
    • Connect the gaming chairs together for multi-player experience (connectors not supplied)
    • Mains Powered UK (BS) adaptor included
    • Output 12 volt, Input 100/240V
    • Size: 105cm X 90cm X 68cm
    • Weight 23.1Kg
    • Designed for TEENS and ADULTS .
    • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of individual customers to ensure that the gaming chair is compatible with any device or surface it is connected to. We do not accept any responsibility whatsover, except for negligence and death, for any problems arising with other devices or surfaces from use of our products.
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