X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

  • This is the chair which was selected by The Gadget Show on Channel 5 to use when comparing the performance of the Xbox One and PS4!

    The X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair comes with a truly uniquely impressive 4.1 Bluetooth enabled surround sound system to allow you enjoy the thrill, spills, thumps and action of any multimedia experience!

    By design this chair with its incorporation of the latest Bluetooth technology and ergonomic designs can be claimed to genuinely be THE ULTIMATE GAMING CHAIR!

    This mains powered chair incorporates four quality speakers and a subwoofer to enable the user to completely immerse themselves in the experience offered by their chosen entertainment. They will be able to hear and feel what’s on offer!

    The chair is compatible with almost any device which produces an audio sound – including all major brands of gaming console, MP3 player, smart phone and television.

    With premium comfort provided by the padded flip arms, the padded headrest, the double padded breathable micromesh seat cover and the swivel and tilt base this is a fantastic luxury multimedia chair.


    The X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair oozes class and quality providing gamers with comfort and superb 4.1 surround sound.

    With vibration feedback and incorporated sub-woofer you will be able to completely immerse yourself in your game of choice whether that be GTA, FIFA 14, Skylanders Swap Force or Call of Duty.

    The X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair is compatible with all major gaming consoles including the XBox One and the PS4 as well as iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, TV’s, and Smart Phones.

    The control panel on the X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair allows the player control the volume, base and vibration to suit your choice of game and the padded flip arms provide maximum comfort and flexibility when hunkered down for those long intense gaming sessions.

    The X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair is capable of being “chain linked” to provide a genuine theatre-like experience.

    The chair also encompasses a headphone jack in order to facilitate the ability not to share your audio experiencewith other persons in close proximity should that be a requirement.

    The chair is designed to easily folds over to facilitate more efficient storage should space be a constraint.


    • An advanced gaming and multimedia chair with a swivel base, black and grey breathable fabric cover, padded flip arms, 4.1 Bluetooth audio, subwoofer vibration and supplemental rumble
    • 4 high quality surround sound speakers
    • ‘Rumble’ Subwoofer for bass/vibration feedback
    • Bluetooth
    • Stand with adjustable reclining function
    • Lockable swivel mechanism
    • Separately controlled volume and vibration
    • Comfortable and durable padded headrest
    • Padded Upholstered Flip up arms for flexibility of movement
    • Audio input jack (1/8” headphone jack)
    • Connect the gaming chairs together for multi-player experience (connectors not supplied)
    • Bluetooth – the chair will connect to any device that has an appropriate bluetooth transmitter (eg smart phone, tablet, etc). You will need to connect to games consoles by hard wiring to the tv/monitor or by having a tv/monitor with bluetooth capability (it is possible to separately buy a bluetooth transmitter that connects to the audio output of most tvs).
    • Mains Powered UK (BS) adaptor included
    • Output 12 volt, Input 100/240V
    • Size: 105cm X 90cm X 68cm
    • Weight 23.1Kg
    • Designed for TEENS and ADULTS .
    • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of individual customers to ensure that the gaming chair is compatible with any device or surface it is connected to. We do not accept any responsibility whatsover, except for negligence and death, for any problems arising with other devices or surfaces from use of our products.
  • X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair

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