X-Rocker 4.1 Surround Sound Wireless Recliner Gaming Chair

  • This is where performance and comfort meet!

    This X-Rocker 4.1 Surround Sound Wireless Recliner Gaming Chair is perfect for enhancing your gaming or chilling out listen to your music.

    Or perhaps you are a movie buff which makes this wireless recliner chair perfect for lazing around watching and enjoying the movie or, if horror movies are you bag, the sound will have you pearched on the edge of your seat gripped in the action!


    The X-Rocker 4.1 Surround Sound Wireless Recliner Gaming Chair has built in 4.1 surround sound which produces an explosive media experience while the integrated sub-woofer produces a sound you can really feel.

    The X-Rocker 4.1 Surround Sound Wireless Recliner Gaming Chair is compatible either directly or indierectly with all major gaming consoles, iPad, iPod, MP3 players, smartphones and tablets.

    The simple audio connection system ensures that you get the most out of your chair whatever media you choose to hook up to.

    All you need to do is sit back, recline and enjoy your movies, games or music.



    • Polyuretheane and PVC
    • Wireless Connectivity
    • Two Cup holders
    • Reclining function
    • Audio System with surround sound
    • Amplifier
    • Subwoofer.
    • Stereo, surround sound satellite speakers
    • Compatible directly or indirectly with iPad, Xbox One, Xbox 360,PS4, PS3, PS2, Nintendo gaming units and all major game platforms, including handheld units such as PSP and DS lites
    • It also will work with your TV, DVD, VHS, and stereo systems, your MP3 and iPod player and your phone if it has a standard earphone jack.
    • UK (BS) adaptor included
    • RCA cable
    • The unit connects through the audio out connection (or headset connection) on your TV so is compatible with HDMI and Scart,and all other units with an audio out connection.
    • Dimensions: when assembled – Height 107cm x Width 86cm x Depth 104cm
    • Weight: 39.5kg
    • NB : Due to the size, and special shipping requirements of this item the delivery time is 2-3 working days.  This item is not covered by our standard shipping terms and conditions. A signature will be required at the time of delivery.
    • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of individual customers to ensure that the gaming chair is compatible with any device or surface it is connected to. We do not accept any responsibility whatsover, except for negligence and death, for any problems arising with other devices or surfaces from use of our products.
  • X-Rocker 4.1 Surround Sound Wireless Recliner Gaming Chair

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