X-Rocker Rebel 2.1 Surround Sound Wireless Adult Gaming Chair

  • The X-Rocker Rebel Gaming Chair is a genuinely adult sized wireless gaming chair complete with 2.1 surround sound – two quality speakers and a subwoofer. The chair can also boast added comfort features such as padded flip arm rests, padded headrest and double padded seat.

    This gaming chair is compatible either directly or indirectly with almost any device which produces an audio output – includes games consoles, MP3 players, smart phones and televisions.

    In our opinion the X-Rocker Rebel 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair is the highest specified floor based rocker gaming chair currently available in the UK market. It combines a great multimedia technological experience with the quality of speakers and subwoofer with the practicalities of the comfort offered by the features of a well designed piece of furniture!


    The X-Rocker Rebel Gaming Chair is a wireless multimedia gaming chair with 2.1 sound system with two surround sound stereo speakers and powered subwoofer.

    The X-Rocker Rebel Gaming Chair will bring your chosen game, film or music to life with its close up vibratory audio.

    Designed as a comfortable rocker that is compatible either directly or indirectly with PS3,PS4, XBox One, XBox 360 and most hand held devices as well as DVD, satellite box, CD, MP3 and iPod. All is needed is a device with a universal audio out jack.

    The X-Rocker Rebel Gaming Chair is a wireless gaming chair and has padded upholstered flip arms to ensure your comfort as you hunker down for those long gaming sessions.

    The X-Rocker Rebel Gaming Chair is capable of being linked with up to seven additional X-Rocker Gaming Chairs to allow you to obtain the most from your favourite game.

    This chair is foldable to facilitate easy storage.


    • An advanced gaming and multimedia floor rocker with black PVC  fabric cover, padded flip arms, 2.1 wireless audio, subwoofer vibration and supplemental rumble
    • 2 high quality surround sound speakers
    • ‘Rumble’ Subwoofer for bass / vibration feedback
    • Wireless transmitter connects directly or indirectly to any sound source that has a universal audio out jack -TV, DVD, all games consoles, handhelds, stereo amps, CD and MP3 players
    • Wireless transmitter requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Separately controlled volume and vibration
    • Comfortable and durable padded headrest
    • Padded Upholstered Flip up arms for flexibility of movement
    • Audio input jack (1/8” headphone jack)
    • Connect the gaming chairs together for multi-player experience (connectors not supplied)
    • Mains Powered UK (BS) adaptor included
    • Output 9 volt, Input 110/240V
    • Size: 81cm X 94cm X 54.5cm
    • Weight 23.0Kg
    • Designed for TEENS and ADULTS .
    • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of individual customers to ensure that the gaming chair is compatible with any device or surface it is connected to. We do not accept any responsibility whatsover, except for negligence and death, for any problems arising with other devices or surfaces from use of our products.
  • X-Rocker Rebel 2.1 Surround Sound Wireless Adult Gaming Chair

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